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Gas cylinder to blow in a 9-storey block of flats in Bobruisk, 86 people evacuated, none injured

A gas cylinder blew in a 9-storey block of flats in Bobruisk, 86 people were evacuated, none was injured, - the correspondent of the site was told by the press-secretary of Mogilev regional department of MES Jury Metlitski.

Today at about 11 a.m. a woman called Bobruisk district department of emergency situations, and told about explosion at 49 Uljaynovskaya street. 16 rescue units, ambulance, militia and specialists from gas department were sent to the place of accident immediately.

It turned out later, that two 40-litres gas cylinders had been put on the ground floor. They had been meant for installation of waters meters by “Vodokanal” enterprise.

According to preliminary data, gas escape had happened due to malfunction of a cylinder’s valve.

As a result of the explosion a reinforced concrete plate above the entrance had been crushed, window openings at staircases had been destroyed, and doors of 7 flats on the ground and first floor had been damaged, as well as a reinforced concrete plate of staircases on the first floor.

Luckily none was injured. 86 people were evacuated, including 11 children; temporarily they are accommodated at the building of secondary school №28; later on they are probably to be accommodated at “Tourist” and “Jubileinaya” hotels.

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