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German association to assist in implementing project "Oasis" at Mogilev region children's hospital

German charity association providing assistance to Chernobyl tragedy children will help Mogilev region children's hospital in implementing project "Oasis". The information was provided at the press-conference held at the health care establishment.

The project envisages provision of the necessary facilities for the rooms of psychological release and recreation for parents and children. By the way, the necessary equipment has already been purchased and is about to be supplied to Mogilev. Mogilev region children's hospital is preparing the rooms where the equipment will be installed.

"We aim at keeping an eye on current projects and promoting their implementation", Hayn Andrea, chairman of the charity association providing assistance to Chernobyl tragedy children, told. "Now we have a new project to implement - "Oasis". "We will provide the necessary facilities to equip the rooms where parents and children can have a rest and relax. It means not only a medical assistance, but also a psychological one.

Mogilev hospital will also receive humanitarian supplies from "Ottobock" - mobility aids for children, Hayn Andrea added. The company has agreed for a long-term cooperation with the association.


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