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Glusk launches the first straw burning boiler-house in Belarus

Glusk launches the first straw burning boiler-house in Belarus. The information is provided by Tadeush Yurevich, the head of Mogilev Regional Office for Rational Fuel Consumption Supervision. The Joint Belarusian-French Venture “Komkont” (Gomel) worked out an experimental model of a boiler equipped with a straw power loading tool. Its capacity is 2 mW.

In September-October Glusk “Zhilkomhoz” completes construction and assembly works. And in December 2010 new equipment will be launched. Glusk straw burning boiler-house will allow saving 680 tons of equivalent fuel a year.

Two years ago Glusk launched 2 wood-chips burning boiler-houses with capacity of 2 mW each. Three baler-houses of a new type will make it possible to avoid using the imported fuel.

To provide the straw burning boiler-house with raw materials it is necessary to store 2.8 thousand tons of straw. 1.8 thousand tons has already been stored.

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