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Mogilev Region has shown considerable economic over the past decade, Governor Boris Batura said during a meeting dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the region.

In his words, the economy of the region is growing at a rate of 8-10% per year. In 2006 Mogilev Region achieved the best economic results among all Belarusian regions, the governor pointed out.

Today Mogilev Region produced a wide range of goods, including tractor trailers, roofing materials, cement, chemical threads and fibres, elevators and tyres.

This year Mogilev Region ranke 2nd among Belarusian regions in terms of agricultural yield and 3rd in terms of the gross grain crop (1.246 tonnes of grain with a yield of 34.8 centners per hectare).

This year the region is planning to commission more dwelling homes that in the past five years, the governor informed.

Mogilev Region trades with more that 100 foreign states. Over half of the region's trade turnover falls on the Russian Federation (Moscow, Bryansk, Smolensk, Kemerovo, Kostroma, Leningrad, Novgorod, Sverdlovsk regions).

The region is carrying out a great number of investment projects, including those implemented by Yelizovo Glass Works, Syabar Brewery, Belatmeat (meat), Arnica JV (fruit and berries).

Around 200 projects (total cost $500 million) will be carried out by 2010, the governor stressed.


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