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Governor criticizes Mogilev region readiness for spring flood

Peter Rudnick criticized Mogilev region readiness for spring flood during today’s sitting of the regional executive committee.

According to the governor, even if one establishment isn’t ready for the flood, the whole region isn’t ready as well. In spite of the fact that Mogilev region is supposed to have high water, some administrators make light of it. Many of bridges, dams, water-drain pipes, hydraulic works are still not ready. Such a negligence may lead to serious losses, - Peter Rudnick stressed.

40 hydraulic works of the region need repairing in spite of frequent discussions of the problem. That’s why one more sitting dedicated to the matter is to be held, and responsible officials are to be chosen. “We’ve got too little time – flood may begin after March, 20; thus, all drawbacks are to be eliminated”, - set the task Peter Rudnick.


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