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Governor gave new commisions after President’s visit to Mogilev region

“Postscript of the President’s visit” is a precise definition to a recent meeting held by the governor of Mogilev region executive committee Petr Rudnik. After the President’s visit to the region the governor gave a number of new commissions to the respective departments.

First of all, land that is out of use should be included into the region’s boundary. Alexander Lukashenko criticized unattractive view of non arable lands that have already grown with wild grass. Thus, in the nearest future these areas are likely to be used for housing construction.

Housing commission was one more topical issue discussed. The architectural department is to review a general plan of city’s building up, as the document needs updating. New buildings should be designed and built to reduce the area of neglected territories.
The governor also focused on city officials’ sluggishness in solving the problem of tumbledown houses. “I got complains from people who were supposed to be provided with new flats 3-4 years ago, but they still have been living in ruinous houses. Such matters must be solved without further delay”, – the head of the region summed up.

Petr Rudnik also paid attention to lack of pre-school educational establishments in some areas of the city. “We must build more kindergartens. And now transportation of children to the nearest kindergartens should be organized to contribute to temporal solving the problem. All the drawbacks mentioned are common for both Mogilev and Bobruisk, and city administrations of both cities should work to solve the problems”, - the governor added.

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