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Grain-growers of Mogilev region harvested more than a million tons of crops

By August,21 agribusiness enterprises of Mogilev region harvested 2595.5 thousand hectares of crops and legumes. It is 79% of the harvesting area. The information is provided by the Committee for Agribusiness and Food Supply of Mogilev Region Executive Committee.

The average crop capacity of the fields is 38.9 centners per hectare. 1010088 thousand tons of crops was harvested. The leaders of the harvesting campaign are Shklov and Mogilev districts. They harvested 100 and 91.7 thousand tons respectively.

Shklov district is a leader in crop capacity of the fields (49.4 centners per hectare). Kirovsk, Mogilev, Gorky, Klichev, and Bobruisk districts exceeded the average crop capacity (38.9 centners per hectare) and harvested over 40 centners per hectare.

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