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Grand Prix of Animation Film Festival “Animaevka-2010” awarded to “So vechera dozhdick” (“On Rainy Evening”)

The Grand Prix of the ХIII International Animation Film Festival “Animaevka-2010” that was held in Mogilev was awarded to the film “So vechera dozhdick” (“On Rainy Evening”) directed by Valentina Olishvanga (Ekaterinburg).

This is a screen version of Alexei Tostoi’s novel “Rusalka” (“Mermaid”) telling the story of an elderly man who fell in law with a girl-mermaid. The animated film seems to be a real feature film, with lots of psychological details, as though it is a love story, where a man bewitched by a cold, hard-hearted mermaid, loses his mind, sells everything he has got, even his best friend cat, and then perishes himself.

According to a chairman of the jury, artistic director of RUE “Belorussky videocentre” Alexander Karpov, each of 44 films deserved to be awarded a prize, and it was very difficult to choose among them. Luckily, there were several nominations.

A film "Following the way" directed by the Hungarian director Istvan Toth was considered to be the best experimental film; “A childhood friend” by a Moscow director Julia Postavskaya was recognised to be the best film for children; a prize of sympathy went to Oleg Uzhinov’s film “Masha and a bear” and P. Tendera’s film “Miriam’s broken vase” (Estonia). The award for the best graphic design went to Mikhail Tumela for his film “Paper pattern”, and Irina Kodjukova (Belarusfilm) was awarded in “Master” nomination.

“Animaevka” is held annually and aims at popularizing the best works of world and Belarusian animation, their promotion, strengthening cultural relations between Belarus and other countries. The founders of the Festival are the cinematography department of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, culture department of Mogilev regional executive committee and city executive committee.

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