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The personnel of Granny's Jar Joint Stock Company (Babushkina Krynka, Mogilev) have at their disposal an advanced social security system, head of the company's trade union Yelena Shatikova told Interfax.


In her words, all social guarantees are listed in an agreement signed by the administration of the company and the trade union.


According to the source, Granny's Jar has a dormitory that accommodates 578 people (including young families with children). The company has two buses to bring workers from home. The personnel have a canteen at their disposal, and the cost of meals is partially covered by the company (BYR 850 per person daily).


All workers are provided with special clothes and footwear. The birthdays of the personnel are marked with BYR 50,000 bonuses.


Workers who have been employed with the company for at least 15 years are entitled to a retirement bonus of 10 basic units. Staff members also have the right to health rehabilitation services at a reduced cost. Veterans of war and labor, single mothers or mothers of two and more children get allowances. Besides, workers are entitled to a one-off allowance of up to two minimal wages in case of emergency.


The total amount of allowances that the company paid to workers in January-August 2007 is BYR 300 million, the source reported.


There are several public organisations under the auspices of Granny's Jar (trade union, youth union, women's council, council of veterans).


In January-August 2007 Granny's Jar produced BYR 94.7 billion worth of goods, or 14.3% up on the year. the company exported 40 kinds of dairy products to Russia and $31.1 million worth of dry milk to non-CIS states (50% up on the year).


Granny's Jar (formerly known as Mogilev Dairy Factory) was founded in 1975. It was incorporated in 1995. At the moment, the company employs 1,100 people.


At the moment, the company offers 250 kinds of dairy products, including 190 produced under Babushkina Krynka brand (named the best brand of 2004 in its category). That includes 20 kinds of chocolate-grazed cheesy curds under the Merry Grandchildren brand, while products under Life Energy brand are spiced with Bifidobacteria.

Products by Granny's Jar as well as the entire production cycle complies with international quality management standards.

The company runs an integrated management system that includes an ISO 14000 environment management system, an HACCP quality control system and an STB 18001 labour security system.

The company's closed cycle production technologies fully meet ISO 9001-2001 standards.


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