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Granny’s Jar Joint Stock Company (Babushkina Krynka, Mogilev) has increased exports 3.2-fold in January-February 2008 to the point of $11.5 million, a company representative told Interfax.

 ccording to the source, this year the company dramatically increased exports to Russia. Granny’s Jar weekly exports around dozens of tonnes of whole milk goods (over 40 product titles) to Moscow.

 he company’s products are also exported to Bryansk, Smolensk and Kaluga regions.

The enterprise also supplies its dairy products to all regional centres of Belarus, the City of Minsk and other large cities of the country.

According to the company’s economy department, in January-February 2008 Granny’s Jar produced BYR 31.8 billion worth of goods, or 26.3% up on the year.

At the moment, the company offers 250 kinds of dairy products, including 190 produced under Babushkina Krynka brand (named the best brand of 2004 in its category). That includes 20 kinds of chocolate-grazed cheesy curds under the Merry Grandchildren brand, while products under Life Energy brand are spiced with Bifidobacteria.

Products by Granny’s Jar as well as the entire production cycle complies with international quality management standards.

The company runs an integrated management system that includes an ISO 14000 environment management system, an HACCP quality control system and an STB 18001 labour security system.

The company’s closed cycle production technologies fully meet ISO 9001-2001 standards.

Granny’s Jar (formerly known as Mogilev Dairy Factory) was founded in 1975. It was incorporated in 1995. At the moment, the company employs 1,300 people.

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