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Harvesting about to be finished in Mogilev region

Mogilev region has almost finished harvesting. 98% of grain crops and legumes was harvested by August 10, - agriculture and food supplies committee of Mogilev regional executive committee informs. The average crop yield made 33.9 centers per hectare. More than 100,000 tons was harvested in Shklov, Mogilev, Gorki and Mstislavl districts.

CJSC Agricultural complex “Zarya” had the highest crop yield – 78 centers per hectare; OJSC “Alexandriiskoe” of Shklov district made up 70.7 centers per hectare, and “Gigant” of Bobruisk district made up 65 centers per hectare.

This year Mogilev region has become the first in the Republic according to the speed of the harvesting campaign, the second – according to crop yield, and the third - according to croppage.

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