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A harvesting crew from "Zarya" agribusiness complex are grain milling leaders in Mogilev region

The crew represented by Vladimir Korsak and Nikolai Gulisov from "Zarya" agribusiness complex (Mogilev district) have become the leaders in grain milling. They have been working on the harvester "Leksion" and have milled almost 4.2 thousand tons of grain. The information is provided by Mogilev Regional Agribusiness Trade Union Committee.

Aleksey Maslov from "Zarya" agribusiness complex (Mogilev district) has become the best driver. He has been working on MAZ-555 and has transported 4066 tons of grain.

According to the Committee for Agribusiness and Food Supply, by September,7 the region has harvested 320.7 thousand hectares of grain and legumes (99% of sown area). The crop capacity is 40 centners per hectare. Agribusiness enterprises have milled 1.284 mln tons of grain. The total figure for all kinds of agribusiness enterprises including private farmsteads is 1.428 mln tons.

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