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The head of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Petr Rudnik held a press conference for national and local mass media

March,19 the head of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Petr Rudnik held a press conference for national and local mass media. The journalists who were present at the press conference got interested in the most urgent questions. Taking into consideration that 2009 was very difficult for Belarus and Mogilev region, Petr Rudnik spoke on its results. And only then he spoke on the prospects for 2010.

In Belarus 2010 is the year for quality. The well-being of the population can be identified by unemployment rates and salaries. Last year we tried to make Mogilev enterprises more adaptable to new economic conditions. We didn’t hit all the targets, but the unemployment rate made 1% of the economically active population (comparing with 1.5 % permissible).

Some enterprises have adapted to new economic conditions. “Himvolokno” JSC was given as an example. The company is one of the biggest in the region. When the production made a double decrease there was a threat of dismissing of half of employees. But the company found the solution. It launched the production of bio-diesel. New products should become the most important factor of the regional enterprises.

By the end of the quarter the region is to reach the salary of not less than $200. And then there should be its steady growth. “The heads of the enterprises shouldn’t economize on salaries. They are to use companies’ facilities in the most effective way, to increase the productivity. A 1% decrease in production costs can lead to a 4% increase in salary (especially in machine engineering industry). We should also take into account modernization of the production facilities as the main factors of economy, “– Petr Rudnik said.

While answering the question about investments in Mogilev region’s economy in 2010, Petr Rudnik named the figure of $320 mln. It is 2.6 times more comparing with 2009. Only Free Economic Zone “Mogilev” is supposed to attract $100 mln including $60 mln to the fixed capital.

In conclusion Petr Rudnik mentioned two most important events of 2010 – elections to the local councils of delegates (April,25) and the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (May,9). 4900 veterans of the war live in Mogilev region. About 1000 of them are lonely people. That’s why the region is to provide them with all kinds of assistance.

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