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Health is great!

A youth thematic pavilion "Health - is Great" was organized by Mogilev Regional Committee of BRSM together with Mogilev Regional Council of "BRPO" and the Youth Department of Mogilev Region Administration. The event is dedicated to the World Health Day celebrated on April,7.

According to Alexander Chernin, the first secretary of Mogilev Regional BRSM Committee, for the first time the action of such a kind was held in 2008 which was declared the Year of Health. "The purpose of the action was to school the youth to healthy way of life, to accustom them to healthy food rules. We tried to educate young people in different ways including intellectual games. And we did it. Today the action has been held in Mogilev only. We hope it is just a start. There is a plan to arrange such thematic pavilions in the district centers of the region&quot".

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