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Heineken N.V. is determined to expand Syabar brewery's production to 20 million dal a year and get down to growing brewer's barley in Belarus, Jean-François van Boxmeer told reporters in Minsk after his meeting with Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

The CEO told the press that at the initial stage of the Syabar project they plan to boost beer output to 20 million dal. Also, in his words, they are determined to put considerable effort in procuring high-quality barley for beer production. In particular, this year they plan to grow some 20,000 tonnes of barley, van Boxmeer said.

Mr. van Boxmeer was unavailable for comment as regards media reports about Heineken's plans to purchase Belarus' Rechitsapivo and Lidskoye Pivo breweries.

In his words, "Heineken arrives in foreign markets with a ready-made concept, which is to meet out commitments and produce only high-quality beer."

The Heineken CEO has referred to Belarus' business climate as stable and predictable. "We know that there is a considerable share of imported beer on Belarus' market, which we plan to substitute with locally-produced beer," Mr. van Boxmeer said.

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