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The hero of the Soviet Union Aslan Farhad-ogly Vezirov commemorated in bronze in Mogilev

Today bronze bust to the hero of the Soviet Union, veteran of the Great Patriotic War Aslan Farhad-ogly Vezirov was unveiled in Mogilev. The arrangement was initiated and financed (BYR 120 mln in total) by Mogilev regional public union “Azerbaijan community “Azeri”. The sculptor of the bronze bust on marble base is Kamil Kamal, an Azerbaijanian from Minsk, member of artists union of Belarus.

In 1944 Aslan Farhad-ogly Vezirov was in command of the 1st guards field-engineer brigade of the 2nd Belarusian front that forced the Dnieper river near Mogilev. Aslan Farhad-ogly Vezirov himself was noted for his inconceivable courage, personal bravery and commander's skills. He was twice contused during the operation, but didn’t leave the battlefield. Later on his brigade was named “Mogilevskaya”. In 1986 Aslan Farhad-ogly Vezirov was awarded with the title of the honourary citizen of Mogilev.

The hero’s grandson – Farhad Elmar ogly Vezirov – came from Baku to attend the ceremony of unveiling the bust. According to him, all the family was full of pride and respect to Belarusian people when they had learned about the memorial. “I do remember my grandfather for I was 14 when he died in Baku. I remember him talking about feats of the whole Soviet people. This memory will come from one generation to another”.

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