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Holiday of poetry celebrating the 95TH anniversary of A.Kuleshov will take place in the town of Kostyukovichi

Regional holiday of poetry “White Stork over the Besyads” celebrating the 95TH anniversary of A.Kuleshov, national poet of Belarus, will take place in the town of Kostyukovichi. The workers of Kostyukovichi central district library named after I.Chigrinov told the correspondent of the site.

Within the framework of the celebration there will be a meeting of the poets of Mogilev region. The meeting will take place at 10 a.m. in the Youth Culture Centre “Yunost”. At 3 p.m. Kostyukovichi district Centre of Culture will hold a poetry party “Kuleshov’s planet goes round” celebrating the 95TH anniversary of A.Kuleshov’s birthday. Some other participants of the celebration are Vladimir Berberov (A.Kuleshov’s grandson), fellow-countryman writers, Naum Galperovich (the chief of the radio station “Belarus”), Ales Karlyukevich (the chief of the publishing house “Litaratura I Mastatstva”), poets of Mogilev region.

Arkady Kuleshov was born in the family of a teacher in the village of Samotevichi (now Kostyukovichi district, Mogilev region) on the 24th of January (the 6th of February) 1914. The first collection of his poems was published in 1930, when A.Kuleshov was 16 years old. A.Kuleshov is the author of other poems collections and film scripts. The poet was a participant of the Great Patriotic War 1941-45. He is a national poet of Belarus. He was awarded by two orders of Lenin, two other orders and medals. He was a translator of Russian,Ukranian and foreign classical poetry. He died on the fourth of February 1978 in Nesvizh. Mogilev State University is named after A.Kuleshov.

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