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“House without arrears” action held by “Centre of city information systems”

From November 10 till January 31, “Centre of city information systems” holds “House without arrears” action, - the correspondent of the site was told by the enterprise’s marketing specialist Dana Kim. The Centre continues to encourage timely paying for housing and communal services; this time a surprise means for houses in which all tenants pay housing bills on time.

Nowadays there are 660 houses “without arrears” (about 39,000 personal accounts) in Mogilev. “We hope that responsible payers will lead the way for those having arrears.”

According to the regional department of housing and communal services management, the arrears for housing and communal services make up Br6.5 bln. in Mogilev region; a half of the sum falls on cities of Mogilev and Bobruisk. Since the year beginning 65,000 warning letters have been sent to inform about possible cutting off housing and communal services. 10,000 case have been sent to court, and 7,5000 of them have been won by communal service enterprise. 1700 people in arrears with payment were cut off running water supply and sewage system.

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