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Ideology work must be based on the principles of openness and simplicity

Importance of ideology work is improving day by day. The opinion was expressed by Valery Malashko, the deputy head of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, at the seminar of Mogilev region’s ideology workers “Ideology work today: results of a five-year activity, problems, and perspectives”.

“Ideology work is of great importance today which is explained by changes and threats to our stability. We are to react to the changes and introduce new forms and methods of work. It is necessary to use public frames of work when people are interested in taking part in public life of their area,” – Valery Malashko said.

200 ideology workers take part in the seminar. During the day they will visit a number of production and social units in Bobruisk, Kirovsk, Osipovichi districts and share their ideology work experience.

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