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Increase of birth rate registered in region since 2004

Starting from the year 2004 the tendency of birth rate increasing has been registered in the region, - the demography and social statistics division of the Central Statistical Department of Mogilev region informs.

From time to time birth rate tendencies changed, - the source added. Thus, in 1950 the general birth rate was 27.1 babies per 1,000 people. There was a decrease in the 1960-s and in succeeding years. Only 8.7 babies per per 1,000 people were born in 2003. But last year 12,295 babies were born, including 9,552 (77.7%) – in urban areas, 2,743 (22.3%) – in rural areas. It stands for 28.7% increase comparing to the year 2003. It’s not the least interesting of all that more boys than girls are born recently (52% in 2009).

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