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The International Investment Forum that will be held in Mogilev October 9-10 will dwell on a number of large-scale agricultural projects, Interfax-West learnt from the regional committee for agriculture and foodstuffs.

In particular, the forum's Agriculture and Food Procession Section will focus on investment projects aimed at the modernization of meat and dairy industries, the source specified.

One of the projects stipulates the upgrading of the fat and meat shop of Bobruisk Butchery OJSC. The cost of the project is $3 million, and the payback period is 2.5 years.

Another project will be implemented at Mstislavl Butter and Cheese Plant OJSC. The $7.3-million project with a 3.5 years payback term will help the company to expand product range and enhance its competitive strength.

Within the framework of the project the plant will be fitted with a hard cheese production line with a daily capacity of 10 tonnes.

The Glusk branch of Osipovichi Dairy Plant OJSC will carry out a $5.6 million project with a payback term of 3 years and the implementation term of 18 months.

The largest investment project to be discussed during the forum implies the construction of a dairy plant in Shklov. The estimated cost of the project is $35 million. The implementation term is 18 months, while the payback term is 4.6 years.

The forum will also dwell on a project that stipulates the construction of a biofuel plant in Bobruisk District.

The total cost of the project is $12 million, while the amount of investment needed is $5.4 million. The implementation term is 2 years, and the payback period is 4 years.

The forum will also touch upon several projects in the sphere of crop raising, cattle breeding, etc.

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