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International Students' Olympiad in Maths completed in Mogilev

The V Open Belarusian-Russian University's Olympiad in Maths completed in Mogilev, a correspondent of the site was told at the education department of Mogilev region executive committee.

More than 50 University and post-graduate students from 25 higher educational institutions of Belarus, Russia, Tajikistan, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Poland took part in the intellectual contest. Unlike the previous ones, the contest in Mogilev was organised in the form of testing. The participants had to solve 30 problems of different difficulty levels within five hours. The first place was taken by the post-graduate student from Saint-Petersburg State University Oleg Baskov; the student from Tajikistan State University Pirakhmad Olimgoni was the second, while Dmitry Obukhov from Novosibirsk State Technical University became the third one. The best young mathematicians were awarded with Diplomas of different degrees, medals and prizes.

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Bobruisk holds a library reading and summer leisure program “Youth’s planet: useful and enjoyable summer”.

12.06.2015 - 19:00 | About 80 Mogilev’s school leavers awarded for their high school achievements

June 11 about 80 Mogilev’s school leavers were awarded for their high school achievements. The ceremony took place at the regional art centre. Vladimir Tsumarev, head of Mogilev city executive committee, congratulated the youth.

05.06.2015 - 18:04 | BRSM volunteers visit Mogilev children’s hospice with a charitable action

BRSM volunteers visited Mogilev children’s hospice with a charitable action. They came to young patients with presents, sweets and entertainments.

02.06.2015 - 18:03 | Grand prize of “Golden Bee” Festival goes to Minsk, Moldova and Kazakhstan

“Zhuldyzdar” vocal band (Aktau, Kazakhstan), “Karanfil” dance group (Gagaúzia, Moldova) and Stefania Sokolova (Minsk, Belarus) got the grand prize in different nominations of the festival “Golden Bee”.

29.05.2015 - 19:12 | The forum of young journalists in Mogilev to gather over 60 participants

May 29 Mogilev held the forum of young journalists. Over 60 people from the entire region gathered at Mogilev State Kuleshov University. The information is provided by the central office of ideology, culture and youth affairs of Mogilev regional executive committee.