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Investor from China to start production of bottle cappers at FEZ of Mogilev

Free economic zone (FEZ) of Mogilev has registered a new resident – a foreign private industrial unitary enterprise “MasterCap”, founded by a China company, - the administration of the FEZ informs.

In the nearest future the enterprise plans to start realization of investment project aimed at production of bottle cappers made from plastic. Project realization provides more than 80 new jobs, puts an unused building of more than 1.5 thous ha into economic turnover, and attracts more than $ 2 mln of investments just for the first 2 years. The production of modern bottle cappers for alcoholic beverages is to start in 2010 (with 120 mln caps per year capacity). In the nearest future “MasterCap” is to produce a wide range of packages for cosmetic industry. Almost 100% volume of output will be exported to CIS and European countries, and just its small part will be sold at Belarusian market.

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