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It is necessary to take care of culture heritage objects, to restore them – A.Sinkovets

Anatoly Sinkovets, the head of the Culture Department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, reported on the necessity and importance of work that is carried out by the culture specialists in taking care of cultural wealth of Mogilev region.

In 2009 14 cultural wealth objects of Mogilev region were restored. Br6 bln was spent. “We must take care of the culture created by our ancestors. We must save it. A good cooperative work of a customer, a contractor, and a scientific supervisor is very important at all stages of design and restoration,” - A.Sinkovets said.

According to him, there are a lot of culture objects on the territory of Bykhov, Bobruisk, Mstislavl, Shklov districts and in Mogilev. They expect attention and control from local authorities. In 2009 culture inspections resulted in drawing up 17 statements of the case. They dealt with works on the territory of cultural wealth objects without permission by the Ministry of Culture.

“We shouldn’t forget about proper use of architecture heritage in modern social and economic life of the region. A lot of culture objects are far from tourism sphere. That’s why there is a necessity to work out new tourist routes, to develop new forms of informative tourism, to create attractive advertisement, to put on the market the souvenirs which are specific for different areas of Mogilev region.”

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