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Italians and Mogilevers to exchange experience in alcoholism cure

On October, 29 - November 3, Mogilev secondary school №20 holds educational seminar for specialists working in the field of family problems. The seminar aims at attracting public attention to the problems connected with alcohol abuse, studying the ways to help families suffering from the malady, reducing the number of orphans.

In Italy the problem of alcohol abuse is also urgent, Guido Dellajakomo, giving a course of lectures on the problem, admits. Each year 25,000 people die in Italy because of alcohol abuse. “We use the method by Croat professor Khudolin” - Guido Dellajakomo tells. – “In Italy we have more than 2,500 clubs for alcoholics. The method has a social-economic approach as its basis. We treat alcohol abuse as a family problem and even a problem of a society, rather than an individual’s problem. There are two major point. Drinking alcohol, even in small portions, always involves risk and causes health problems – this is the first point. The second point states that a nation should reduce the general consumption of alcoholic drinks if it wants to reduce the number of alcoholics. At the seminar we’ll try to teach our Mogilev colleagues this method”.

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