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January-May Mogilev region increased its investments to the fixed capital by 12.2%

January-May 2010 Mogilev region’s investments to the fixed capital made Br1402.7 bln. In comparable prices it is 12.2% more comparing with the same period of 2009. The information is provided by the Central Statistics Office of the region.

Br751.5 bln was spent to carry out assembly and construction works. In comparable prices it is 23% more than in January-May 2009. Вr440.2 bln was allotted to buy machinery, vehicles. It is 92.4% to the rates of January-May 2009.

The proportion of these expenses in total investments made 31.4%. Imported machinery made 13.7% of the expenses.
Br851.2 bln was directed to production establishments of the region (106.2% to the level of January-May 2009). Br551.5 bln (122.6%) was directed to the non-production establishments.


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