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January 26 – 27 “Rodina” cinema invites to premiere of “The third bell” made in Mogilev

On January 26 – 27, “Rodina” cinema invites to the premiere of “The third bell” – the film that was made in Mogilev, - the correspondent of the site was told at “Kinovideoprokat”.

According to the author of the project, its script writer and director Vyacheslav Sikora, the idea to make a film about his colleagues appeared some years ago; and later on the script was written together with the actor of the regional drama theatre and the co-producer of the film Sergei Zdoronkov. The authors didn’t aim at producing a usual soap opera with love affairs and gangsters. They decided to show theatre backstairs life, interweaving of the real life of actors and actresses.

Actors and actresses of Mogilev regional drama theatre (including the Honoured artist of Belarus Grigory Belotserkovsky, Alexander Pjyanzin, Galina Lobanock and others), as well as Russian actors Jury Nazarov and Ludmila Maltseva act in the film.

foto Mogilev Style

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