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JSC "Alexandriiskoe" to increase fourfold production of oyster mushrooms in 2017

JSC "Alexandriiskoe" plans to increase fourfold production of oyster mushrooms in 2017 to reach 60 tons, deputy director Vladimir Murashko told.

The production started several years ago; since then the technology has proved its effectiveness, and a fair yield is gathered. This year the farm plans to gather about 15 tons of oyster mushrooms. "The demand for oyster mushrooms is high, and we are going to increase the production. Two more units have been reconstructed, necessary equipment has been bought, and the technology has been improved. It is going to result in reduced costs and increased profit", the deputy director specified.

The production process in the new works will start in January 2017. "Next year we are going to reach a monthly production capacity of 5 tons; it will be sold at both domestic and foreign markets. At present the profitability makes up 0.1%; but next year it is going to go up to 4%, and in future the capacity will go up", Vladimir Murashko stressed.

During January-October the production growth made 126% comparing with the respective period of last year. The production amounted to about $40 mln. "We have reached the growth in producing crops and milk, as well as kit performance in cattle-breeding. The enterprise is about to reach the maximum of its production capacity, thus we aim at increasing output of milk, pork, poultry, fruits, etc. We don't have any problems with production distribution".

JSC "Alexandriiskoe" was set up in June 2005; it specializes in crops growing and processing, production of dry forage, swine and poultry breeding, cattle-breeding, milk production, growing apples and oyster mushrooms, fish breeding, retail and wholesale trade. The staff of the enterprise makes up 1700 emplyees, and the average wages is Br620.

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