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JSC “Zarya” to have the largest harvest of crops in Mogilev region

JSC “Zarya” (Mogilev district) has the highest crop capacity in Mogilev region – 75 centner / ha in average, and even 80 centner / ha in some areas.

By August, 20, 2028 ha of crops and legumes has been reaped in the farm, totally 74% of the area under crops; 15.2 thous tons of corn (out of 22 thous tons planned) has been reaped; that is to make by 1 000 tons decrease compared to last year.

The farm has surpassed the state plan by 10%. 326 tons of triticale (310 tons on the plan) and 1100 tons of rape seeds (1040 tons on the plan) has been sent to granaries. Brewer's barley is still being shipped – 202 tons have already been sent, and 400 tons more will be sent by the end of the week.

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