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July, 15 Mogilev opens the exhibition “Chase of Grunwald”

July, 15 Mogilev opens the exhibition “Chase of Grunwald”. The event is dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald. The information is provided by Yury Zhurarovich, the director of Polsky Dom.

The exposition will present 10 paintings by Mogilev artists - representatives of the society “Supolka “A”: Alexander Rosinov, Stanislaw Gannutin and Sergey Gannutin.

According to Yury Zhurarovich, there is a plan to bring the painting dedicated to the Battle of Grunwald “Mstislavski’s regiment” by Alexander Rosinov to Mogilev. The painting is a property of Potemkin’s Palace-Museum in Krichev.

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