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June 1 - International Children's Day

Today many countries celebrate International Children's Day; the day was founded according to the decision of the Council of International Democratic Women’s Federation in November 1949. For the first time it was celebrated in 51 countries in 1950. The initiative was supported by the UNO; this international organisation proclaimed protection of children’s rights, lives, and health to be one of priority directions of its activity.

Within the frameworks of celebrating International Children's Day Mogilev region hold the following actions; eg. an action “The Youth Against Evil and Indifference” that is held at Bobruisk Arts Palace. Mogilev “Kinovideoprokat” organizes a “Non-stop-shoot” show at “Chyrvonaya Zorka” cinema theatre; a “Let it be always sunny” entertaining-educational show at “Kosmos” cinema theatre, and a “Wonderful world of childhood” show at “Vetraz” cinema theatre; all shows include contests, quizzes, films for children.

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