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June 2011 Mogilev region opened 119 social shops and departments

June 2011 Mogilev region opened 119 social shops and departments. The information is provided by Oleg Buyanov, the head of the Trade and Services Office of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.

These social outlets work in Mogilev, Bobruisk and 18 district towns. By July, 8 the shops and departments of the kind start working in Glusk, Klichev, Chausy. According to Oleg Buyanov, the prices are the lowest in the region. The cost of the conditional consumer goods basket in the region is cheaper than in Gomel (14%), Minsk (7%). Grodno (5%). The region keeps the lowest prices for rice, buckwheat, oils, butter, sour milk, cabbage, union, apples. At the same time some goods are more expensive.

The situation at the consumer market is stable without agiotage. Customers’ demands have changed. Now they prefer goods by Belarusian manufactures. The demand for 1.5% fat milk made 1.5 times’ increase, low fat cottage cheese – 1.4 times’ growth. There is also an increase in meat products demand.

Petr Rudnik, the chief of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, asked to continue monitoring of the situation at the regional consumer market. “Shops should have both low price goods and other products which are in demand with population”.

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