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Kirovsk and Osipovichi open two football grounds

May, 17-23 Belarus holds the Unified Mass Football Week. Within it Kirovsk and Osipovichi open two artificial football mini-grounds. The information is provided by the national football team senior coach of Mogilev region Vadim Brezhezinsky.

20х40 m football grounds were presented by the Belarusian Football Federation and set at the Youth Sports Schools in Kirovsk and Osipovichi. These schools have football departments. According to Vadim Brezhezinsky, Mogilev region has already got 7 football grounds of the kind. Moreover, to correspond to European standards the main football arenas of Mogilev and Bobruisk have been reconstructed.

Bobruisk has started to construct an artificial professional ground. Mogilev plans to construct a covered football manege.

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