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Kirovsk district to complete the first restoration turn of the Zhilichi Palace and Park Ensemble

Kirovsk district completed the first restoration turn of the Zhilichi Palace and Park Ensemble. The event was celebrated with presence of Petr Rudnik, the chief of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. According to him, thanks to efforts of architects, builders and restorers the Ensemble has become the pearl of the regional and national culture and history.

Pavel Latushko, the Minister of Culture, stressed importance of the event. In his words, it is a bright example of successful cooperation of the Culture Ministry and local authorities since restoration of the complex was financed both from the national and local budgets. At the moment the Uspensky Monastery in the village of Pustynki, Mstislavl district is being restored. The Palace and Park Ensemble in the village of Grudinovka, Bykhov district began its design work. Several years ago Krichev completed restoration of the Potemkinsky Palace. Pavel Latushko assured that the work would continue. He hopes that the government will adopt the program “Castles of Belarus”.

According to Pavel Latushko, this year the national investment program of history and culture heritage restoration covers Br100 bln. Next year’s needs will be higher. The budget will be based on a real situation but the work will continue in a systematic way. So, to realize joint projects of Mogilev region the national budget allots Br5 bln.

Pavel Latushko says that it is very symbolic that the unique building will host an arts school. “The pupils of the school have already achieved a lot: they are winners of various international competitions, they are scholars of the special President’s Fund to support the talented youth. We are reviving our material heritage and providing opportunities for spiritual development”.

Zhilichi Arts School was presented with a set of musical instruments. The event included a performance celebrating the 40th anniversary of the school.


The Zhilichi Palace and Park Ensemble is included in the list of history and culture values of the Republic of Belarus. The Ensemble is a monument of a classical style of the late XVIII – early XIX centuries. The complex is of farmstead character.

In 2007 JSC “Proektrestavratsiya” of the Culture Ministry started designing restoration of the Zhilichi Palace and Park Ensemble. It includes five turns: the first one – “Arts School”, the second one – the South building “Hotel”, the third one – the main building and a part of the North building “Museum, Picture Gallery, Library”, the fourth one – “interiors” of the main building, the fifth one – the park and water systems.

The first restoration turn began in 2009 by “Stroyinvest” Company (Mogilev). It took two years and Br7 bln. The second restoration turn is to be completed by 2015.

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