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Klimovichi Distillery (Mogilev Region) is planning to make 30,000 decalitres of cognac in 2008, a company representative told Interfax.

The source reminded, that the company launched cognac in November 2007. In November-December 2007 the distillery produced around 4,000 decalitres of cognac.

This year the company is planning to invest over BYR 50 million in the modernization of cognac production facilities.

Currently the company makes Premier SV cognac that is sold in 0.5-litre bottles. This year the distillery is planning to expand the product range, adding one or two more kinds.

In addition, the company is going to expand the range of vodkas, the source reported.

Klimovichi Distillery produces vodkas, liquors, nastoykas, balsams and wines. In January-February 2008 the company made 326,000 decalitres of vodka and liquors, or 21.1% up on the year. The output of wines totaled 89,000 decalitres, or 29.4% down.

Over the period in question the company turned out BYR 10.3 billion worth of goods, or 11.4% up.

This January-February KLimovichi Distillery exported $26,000 worth of goods (8% down).

The company's production facilities, technologies and recipes comply with ISO 9001 standards.

Klimovichi Distillery was founded in 1858.


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