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Klimovichi distillery signed large-scale contract for supply of its production to Germany

RUE “Klimovichi distillery” has signed a large-scale contract for supply of its production to Germany.

Under the terms of the contract 13,000 decalitres of different types of vodka will be supplied to Germany by the end of October. The recipes were written out by specialists of the plant, and approved by the German experts.

The plant already supplied its production to Germany, but it is for the first time such a large-scale contract has been signed. The quality and price of the Belarusian production makes it competitive at European markets.

On September 2-4 the “Vine – Vodka-2010” International Beverages Exhibition was held in Sochi (Russia), where Klimovichi distillery was awarded 6 golden medals, and thus proved high quality of its production once more. “Golden Auroch Lux”, “Kazennaya №2 Lux”, “Crystal Lux” were considered to be the best among alcoholic drinks; “Staroslavyanski” balsam was awarded with two golden medals – for its original design and quality; “Lux” rectified spirit produced at Klimovichi distillery’s subsidiary – Kostiukovichi spirits plant – gained the sixth golden medal.

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