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Klimovichi Flour Plant OJSC has introduced STB 1666-2006 wheat flour standard, a company representative informed Interfax. The company is planning to launch Extra wheat flour in compliance with the new standard, the source added.

The new standard stipulates nine sorts and 17 types of wheat flour with various characteristics and gluten content.

The company is also planning to expand the range of flour mixes, introducing two pancake mixes and a cake mix.

Klimovichi Flour Plant produces wheat and rye flour, mixed feed, food supplements with protein, vitamin and mineral content. Most of the flour is sold on the domestic market with minor shipments exported to Russia and Ukraine. Last year the company exported $986,000 worth of flour, and this year export is expected to expand by 22% to $1.2 million.

According to the company's economy department, in Q1 2007 Klimovichi Flour Plant produced 9,500 tons of flour, or 2% down on the year. In monetary terms, the company's output totalled BYR 5.5 billion, or 15% up. The production of mixed feed reached 11,800 tons (2.7% down, BYR 3.4 billion). The output of food supplements rose by 32% to 1,300 tons (BYR 5.5 million, 61% up in money terms).

Klimovichi Flour Plant was founded in 1988.

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