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Klimovichy Distillery to put into operation new line for bottling vodka into souvenir bottles

RUE “Klimovichy Distillery” has put into operation a new Italian line for bottling vodka into souvenir (nonstandard) bottles. “Thanks to it we produce competitive, high quality, exclusive articles into beautiful modern bottles of different forms with original labels”.

The plant produced more than 50 articles; the best known of them are “Klimovichy” & “Staroslavyansky” balsams. The recipe of a new balsam “Klimgrad”, based on natural components, has been worked out recently. Two dessert liqueurs under “Klimgrad” brand are to be produced in the nearest future; they are “Klimgrad Vishnevaya (Cherry)” & “Klimgrad Chernosmorodinovaya (Blackcurrant)”. Others include “Klimgrad Vishnevaya – Chernosmorodinovaya” sweet nastoyka and “Klimgrad Vishnevaya (Cherry)” halfsweet nastoyka.


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