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On Knowledge Day Petr Rudnik visited Shklov boarding school for children with eyesight problems

The Day of Knowledge is celebrated in Belarustoday. The head of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee- Petr Rudnik - visited Shklov special boarding school for children with eyesight problems. According to Petr Rudnik (he gave a speech at the festive school line), September,1st is a happy holiday for all of us. Education provides social stability, economic development of the society, the source of intellectual, cultural, spiritual and moral potential.

In his words, every year Shklov boarding school admits new pupils, provides them with solid knowledge and skills, and gets them ready for adult life. The school has all necessary facilities to teach, educate, and rehabilitate children with eyesight problems. Ithasitstraditions. The school is proud of its leavers. Some of them are: the Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Ivan Tomashevich, the repeated Paralympics champion Oleg Shepel, the repeated World and Europe champion Tamara Sivakova, and a number of heads of enterprises and establishments.

Petr Rudnik congratulated pupils, their parents and children on the occasion. He wished them to be healthy, firm of purpose, optimistic, lucky and thirsty for knowledge.

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