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A. Kobyakov: Prognosed indices won’t reduce in 2009

Prognosed indices won’t be reduced in 2009 – Andrei Kobyakov, vice-premier of the Republic of Belarus, told today at the sitting of the regional executive committee dedicated to the matter of fulfilling prognosed indices of social-economic development of the region for 6 months of the year 2009.

According to the vice-premier, in Mogilev region 9 of 21 indices of the 6 months haven’t reached the level of the respective period of the year 2008. “There can’t be any satisfaction of indices fulfilling. Some directors hope for reducing of prognosed indices because of the world crisis. But the indices will have been fulfilled; it must be done to reach the rates of the five-year plan”, Andrei Kobyakov stressed.

Andrei Kobyakov considers the work of the regional administration on the programme of innovative development to be of exceptional importance. Attention should also be paid to increased number of businessmen eager to export Belarusian goods; this initiative should be promoted by removing administrative barriers.

Small business should also be engaged in developing service sector that has the highest capacity in import. Thus, its development could also reduce import component of GDP, - Andrei Kobyakov stressed.

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