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Krichev Meat-Packing Plant OJSC is planning to upgrade the sausage shop and the refrigerator, Interfax learnt from Krichev District Administration.

Currently the company is seeking an investor. The company is looking into the possibility of establishing a joint venture or giving the investor a share in the capital, the source specified.

Within the framework of the upgrading project Krichev Meat-Packing Plant is planning to buy several pieces of equipment made in Germany and Russia, the source added.

The project is expected to enable the company annually renew 30% of the product range.

The cost of the project is $1 million. The implementation term is 1 year, while the payback term is 4 years.

Krichev Meat-Packing Plant specialises in meat procession and production of meat goods. The company makes over 300 kinds of goods made of meat and by-products of meat procession.

The company processes 60 tonnes of meat and produces 10.2 tonnes of sausages daily.

Krichev Meat-Packing Plant was founded in 1974. The plant was incorporated in 20001. 99.3% of the shares belongs to the state and the rest was distributed between the personnel and local residents.

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