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Belarusian unitary enterprise Krichevtsementoshifer is now finishing pre-launching operations at its third furnace, which is scheduled to produce its first cement as early as in April.

In January 2008 they invested in the furnace project a solid BYR 3 billion in fixed-capital funds. With the new furnace, the company boosts its capacity to 500 thousand tonnes of cement a year.

In January 2008 the company produced 73 thousand tones of cement, up 4.3% up on the year, a company representative told Interfax.

High-quality cement production made 83% of the overall cement output (М500ДО, М500Д20 types).

The company produced 6,900 tons of cement packed in sacks (25, 50, 1,000 kg), a twofold increase on the year.

Krichevtsementnoshifer also produced 10.4 million equivalent roofing slates (3.9% up).

In January 2008 the company turned out BYR 10.4 billion worth of goods, or 3.9% up on the year.

Over the period in question the company exported 314,000 equivalent roofing tiles (to Russia).

The return on sales totaled 17.6%.

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