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Belarusian unitary enterprise Krichevtsementoshifer increased the output of cement by 31.3% in January-April 2007, bringing it to 348,500 tons, a company representative told Interfax.

The company exported 35 thousand tons of cement and 803 thousand equivalent roofing slates over the period in question. 60% of the cement and 100% of the roofing slates was shipped to the Russian Federation. Other destinations of Krichevtsementoshifer exports are the Baltic States.

The company produced BYR 40.5 billion worth of goods this January-April (29.2% up on the year), including 47,000 tons of cement packed in sacks (25, 50, 1,000 kg), a 63.4% increase on the year.

High-quality cement production made 70% of the overall cement output (М500ДО, М500Д20 types).

Cement accounted for 86% of the overall output of the enterprise.

As of May 1, the company's stock of ready goods made 1.1% (the limit being 20%).

Domestic sales of cement made 297,000 tons, or 11% up on January-April 2006.

The company was set up in 1933. The staff counts 1,400 persons.

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