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Belarusian unitary enterprise Krichevtsementoshifer produced BYR 147.6 billion worth of goods in January-August 2008, or 19.9% up on the year, a company representative told Interfax.

Over the period in question the company produced 915,000 tonnes of cement (18.6% up). In addition, Krichevtsementnoshifer made 69.5 million equivalent roofing slates (19.6% up). Cement accounts for 86.7% of the company's output, the source added.

The company produced 139,400 tonnes of cement packed in sacks (25, 50, 1,000 kg), a 8.7% increase on the year.

High-quality cement production made 77% of the overall cement output (М500ДО, М500Д20 types).

Over the period in question the company exported 17 million roofing slates and 36,000 tonnes of cement to the Russian Federation.

Domestic sales of cement grew 19.1% (857,000 tonnes).

In January-August 2008 the company invested BYR 25.2 billion in fixed capital.

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