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"Krichevtsementshifer" got over a million-point in cement producing

September,9 "Krichevtsementshifer" got over a million-point in cement producing. The information is provided by the economics deputy director of the company Alexander Mitin.

In his words, there is a target to produce 1.1 mln tons of cement within 9 months. The production is not stocked at the ware house; it is almost immediately loaded to the customers. Cement stock is about 11% to the monthly production capacity (the target being 15%). And it makes a day and a half of loading. In January-August the plant produced 957 thousand tons of cement. It is 42 thousand tons more comparing with the same period of 2008. The high quality cement made 77% of the production. In January-August the company also produced 64.4 million roofing slates.


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