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Krovlya Belarusian-British joint venture (based in Ossipovichi) has increased the production and export of roofing materials, a company representative told Interfax.

In particular, in H1 2007 the company produced BYR 23.5 billion worth of goods, or 30 up on the year. Exports rose 1.8-fold to reach $840,000.

The source attributes the growth to the recent installation of a new production line with a monthly capacity of 15 million square meters of roofing materials.

Krovlya, a CIS largest producer of contemporary standard roofing materials, produces over 30 kinds of soft roofing and hydroisolation materials.

Over 80% of the roofing materials produced are marketed locally, while the rest is exported to Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, the Baltic States, Germany, Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia. Last year exports proceeds came at $3.2 million, a 2.7-fold increase on the year.

The company was set up in 1972, incorporated in 1994. Workforce – over 600.

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