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Kruglyanski Local History Museum was founded 20 years ago

Kruglyanski Local History Museum was founded 20 years ago, on February, 21. The museum contains 10 000 exhibits. The most interesting of them are the collections of icons dated by the XIX century, old printed books including the Church Code and a psalm-book.

There is also a collection of applied arts exhibits made of straw, paintings and wood carving works, the collection of musical instruments, household articles, Belarusian national costumes. The numismatics exhibits of the museum represent the coins from Byzantium, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and the treasure of coins of the XVII century.

The exhibits of the museum are kept in 6 halls. The hall “Krugloe district during the Great Patriotic War” keeps the maps of defensive battles on the territory of Belarus in the summer of 1941, pictures, medals, and personal things of the soldiers of the 8th Partisan Brigade named after Sergey Zhunin.


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