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Last day of registration for centralized testing

Registration for centralized testing ends up today at 8 p.m., - the correspondent of the site was told by the head of the Regional testing centre of the Belarusian-Russian University Alexander Dovgalev.

8 educational establishments take part in testing company – 2010 in Mogilev region, they are - the Belarusian-Russian University (Mir av. 43 - 217, Mogilev city), Belarusian State Agricultural Academy (Michurin st. 13 – 707, Gorki town), Mogilev State Foodstuff University (Mir av. 43 – 215, Mogilev city), Klimovichi State Agricultural College (Lenin st. 11, Klimovichi town), Mogilev State University named after A.
Kuleshov (Mir. av., 43 – 213, Mogilev city), Mogilev State Polytechnical College (Mir av. 43 - 217, Mogilev city), Bobruisk State Motor Transport College (Sotsialisticheskaya st. 90, Bobruisk town), Bobruisk branch of the Belarusian State Economic University (Sotsialisticheskaya st. 90, Bobruisk town).

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