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Mogilev-based Lenta OJSC has launched medical bandages, a company representative told Interfax-West.

The company's bandages have no analogues in Russia or other CIS states, the source specified.

Lenta OJSC was established in August, 1993 by transformation during privatization of Mogilev ribbon factory.

The company produces a wide range of goods, including ribbon, braiding, curtain, finishing, textile fastener "Contact" (Velkro).

The enterprise makes and sells textile fancy goods, tapes, bands, cords, a textile fastener "Velkro", curtain cloth, curtains, cloths, coverlets, capes, napkins, flounces, hair curlers, medical bandages.

60% of Lenta's output is exported, with 90% of exports falling on the Russian Federation.

In January-November 2008 the company produced BYR 47.4 billion worth of goods, or 11% up on the year. Exports totaled $11.2 million (8% up).

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