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On Library Day Mogilev citizens got opportunity to read letters to a German Princess and attend Night Festival

15 September Mogilev regional library named after V.I. Lenin holds exhibition where visitors can see more then 30 rare books that are 100, and 200 or more years old, - Olga Chumakova, deputy director of the library, informs.

“Library Through Lifetime” exhibition is dedicated to International Library Day due to which Mogilev library book depository holds the Open House Day. Rare books and epistolary works with famous people’s autographs, as well as modern publications (the smallest and the largest, e-books, art albums) are exhibited. The oldest folio of 1772, “Letters about different physical and philosophical matters, written to a German Princess translated into Russian from French” (translated by Stepan Razumovsky).

Mogilev Central City Children Library named after A.S. Pushkin welcomes visitors to take part in the project “Jubilee Library Night”, dedicated to Library Day and the 60th anniversary of the institution.


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